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Delivery Policy


                             BARGAIN FURNITURE, INC.             

                         DELIVERY POLICY 


The day of delivery we will call to remind you of the delivery time, we will usually give a two (2) hour window

Delivery Drop off means that the delivery team will bring the furniture in your home and drop it off in the box.

Delivery only or Drop off does not include assembly.

Delivery and Assembly means that the delivery team will take everything out of the box and

 set it up in the room for you. When the furniture is assembled our Team will remove empty boxes from

your household.

It is important that you have the room ready to accommodate your new furniture.  Please have the room cleared

in the area where you intend for your new furniture to be.  We CANNOT install anything on the walls or ceiling, nor

can we install electronic equipment into entertainment units. 

By our Insurance Policy, our delivery Team is not a uthorized to move any 

furniture other than the newly delivered  merchandise.   Also our Team is not

allowed to remove any old furniture and mattresses from the premises,

otherwise stated in advance.

If you live in an apartment and you are unavailable, we will meet the apartment manager for entrance

(with acknowledgement that you have made prior arrangements with the

manager and with our delivery department).

It is important that someone is there to sign for the receipt of the merchandise. 

If you miss your delivery appointment for any reason there will be ANOTHER delivery charge.

Thank you for your business.

Bargain Furniture, Inc.

The Management



Bargain Furniture, Inc.

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Houston-Texas- 77090

TEL: 281-444-6200

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